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Harvesting 2017

Congratulations on harvesting your potatoes. We hope you are pleased with the weight of your crop.

Make sure you enter your weights here in grams, for your chance to win some amazing prizes for your school. Don't forget there are several entries you can complete but make sure you weigh your crops carefully and enter the weights in grams.

  • Why not try and win the overall GYOP prize for your school - by entering the weight of potatoes that you grew from the Rocket seed potatoes?

  • You have a chance to win a regional prize too for your regional variety ( one per region – East Scotland, West Scotland, Wales, NE North England, NE South England,  NW England, Central North England, Central South England SE England & SW England)

  • Plus, there are more prizes on offer from The Sun’s competition for the heaviest single tuber and largest number of tubers too.


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Registrations are already being taken and kits are limited so don't miss out.

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Your weights must be in grams only, without any letters. For example, 2.5 KG would need to be entered as 2500

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