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Safiyah is a second early table variety, producing large tubers with a bright skin appearance. It displays excellent drought tolerance and is highly resistant to blackleg and common scab, with resistance to dry rot and virus disease. A low nitrogen requirement also makes it environmentally friendly. This potato has cream coloured flesh with an excellent taste, ideal for mashing or baking.

Breeding Program

Breeding Program

Our breeding program is focussed on the development of varieties specific to our customers key requirements which can include disease resistance, drought resistance, improved yield, visual appearance or a uniqueness currently missing in the marketplace.

Higgins Group

Higgins Group

The Higgins Group's dedicated seed supply base is situated in Morayshire in the North of Scotland. The climatic characteristics of the region ensure that our seed potato production base is centred in one of Europe's most disease free regions.

Our continued investment in breeding coupled with our state of the art minituber production facilities help ensure we remain at the forefront of seed potato supply and development.

Our purpose built micro-propagation facilities allow Higgins to be a one stop shop for the potato industry whilst providing complete in-house vertical integration of the seed supply chain from stem cutting to commercial production.

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