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This first early maturity variety has very early bulking producing a high yield of round uniform attractive tubers. High resistance to damage and bruising due to low dry matter. Partial resistance to potato cyst nematode Ro1 and pallida.

This variety has a niche market with horticulturists in the UK due to the early maturity, also with its high resistance to scab.

This oval to round white skin, cream fleshed variety is very uniform with shallow eyes.

Plant: Very low, semi-erect with few thin green stems.
Short, light green leaf.
Leaf: Medium sized, long pointed primary leaflets with wavy margin. Few, very small secondary leaflets.
Terminal leaflet overlapped.
Flowers: Rare
Berries: Rare

Breeding Program

It is now 30 years since Caithness Potatoes entered the seed breeding industry. They are a leading player in the field of breeding, production and exports, and has a history of commercial success in UK, Europe, Australia, New Zealand South Africa and Canada.

About Caithness

Caithness Potatoes Ltd (CPL) is the exclusive production, sales and export marketing licensee for all the basic seed of the Caithness varieties produced on high health farms in Scotland.

In 1976, after 20 successful but ultimately unfulfilling years as a breeder at the Government owned Pentlandfield breeding station, Dr Jack Dunnett left his secure employment and returned to his family home in Caithness to embark upon a new career as a private potato breeder.

In 1980 he formed Caithness Potato Breeders Ltd (CPB) with Marcel Guindi, who was a prominent exporter of seed potatoes from Scotland at this time.

By 1984, CPB felt they had some promising seedlings, so Caithness Potatoes was formed to commercially evaluate and develop these new varieties.

At this time in Scotland, a private, integrated potato business of this type was totally unique. In the years between then and now, Caithness has continued to be at the forefront in developing new concepts in potato breeding and marketing.


Dr Jack Dunnett is a plant breeder of rare talent who combines his top breeding skills with a keen understanding of the commercial demands of the potato industry.

Jack is renowned throughout the world for his success as a breeder at the Scottish Plant Breeding Station, Pentlandfield, near Edinburgh, and particularly as a private breeder in the extreme North of Scotland.

Visionary in his approach, he has rarely followed the orthodox path; a style which has led to a great many successful innovations. This success has led to many honours being bestowed upon him including the Haig trophy from NASPM, the James Hardie Memorial Trophy from the VTSC Growers Association and a presentation from the 1994 World Potato Congress “in recognition of (his) outstanding contribution to the development of the World Potato Industry”.

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