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General Description:
First early maturity producing an attractive uniform sample, very early bulking, and high yielding. Low to medium dry matter. The tubers are round to short oval, medium to large, white smooth skin, with white flesh, and shallow eyes.

The plant is short, wide spreading, with a medium number of stems. It has light green matt open leaves.

Cygnet Potato Breeders

Cygnet Potato Breeders operate the UK’s largest potato breeding program. It takes around 15 years to breed and test a new potato variety and the program that Cygnet operate has been breeding potatoes since the 1930’s The UK’s biggest variety Maris Piper was produced in 1964. It is based in Scotland and Cambridge and release a new variety on average every two years. Rocket was first released in 1988 and has been grown in the UK every year since then. It is the fastest growing table potato and is used when the crop from the previous season is finished and the new harvest begins.

Our Produce

Our Produce

Cygnet also produce Saxon for maincrop table potatoes, Cabaret for chips and french fry’s and Casablanca which can be used for both fresh and processing. They have recently developed a new variety called Chicago which will be made into crisps.

About our Growers

Cygnet sell seed potatoes of its varieties in the UK and to over 20 countries overseas.

In total varieties from the Cygnet breeding program are planted on 35,000 Ha in the UK and produce around 1,800,000 tonnes of potatoes each year. That is enough to fill 6,600 lorries.

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