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Casablanca is a new, oval-shaped, white-skinned 1st-early variety from one of the UK’s leading potato breeders.

It has good resistance to most of the major diseases which affect the potato crop – Blight and Blackleg (which can make the potato tubers rot) and Common scab (which makes the tubers look ugly).

It has shallow eyes making it easy to peel and tastes great as a new potato; it is also one of the first varieties to achieve a high enough dry-matter to make new-season French-fries (chips).

Passionate about potatoes

If anyone's passionate about potatoes, it's E Park and Sons. Established in 1924, we have over 86 years of experience in growing and supplying Britain's most-loved vegetable to the nation. Quite simply, we are the potato experts! E Park and Sons hold a major market position as one of the UK's few remaining family-owned and family-run potato businesses.

Potato knowledge

We've got to where we are through the great knowledge of potato growing that can only come from doing it for such a long time, and this means we can deliver high standards of excellence to our customers. It helps also that we have long-standing relationships with our growers, who support us in supplying the best possible potatoes to the retail market, and ultimately, to you.

Potato knowledge

Proud to sponsor

E Park and Sons are proud to sponsor the Grow Your Own project, as we feel that educating the next generation about the goodness, health and versatility of potatoes is important. Through doing this, we can ensure that our children will continue to enjoy learning about, growing, and eating one of nature's most natural food sources.

The potato will always be a national favourite. If you want to tap into our expertise or know more about us please visit our web site at

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