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Gemson potato samples


Gemson is a second early which was parented by the popular variety Maris Peer. Producing high yields of small, round-oval tubers, this tasty tattie has been proven to grow equally well in grow bags as in the ground.

The tuber boasts a smooth white skin and firm flesh. Particularly delicious steamed or boiled and eaten either hot or cold as a new potato or served with salads. This exceptional new variety has shown very high resistance to common potato diseases. Look out for its bright violet flowers as it grows.

Puffin Produce

A bit about Puffin/Blas Y Tir:

Puffin produce, the home of Blas Y Tir evolved from the original Pembrokeshire Potato Marketing Group, a quality growers' co-operative formed during the 1970s. Puffin Produce was created in 1995 and we remain true to our collective roots, majority-owned by our Welsh growers here in Pembrokeshire. The company employs 125 staff with an £25m turnover, packing 30,000 tonnes of potatoes each year.

Blas Y Tir was launched in 2011 in response to demand from Welsh shoppers and retailers. Now available in most multiple retailers in Wales the brand encompasses a range of potatoes including Pembrokeshire Earlies, the Award-winning Estima baking and Rudolph potatoes, along with a variety of vegetables including leeks, cabbage, cauliflowers and spring onions.

Our commitment to Wales is strong, and not just because we think it's a great place to live. With our roots so deep in this countryside, we're proud to work sustainably with local farmers and farmland, preserving the beauty of our unique landscape and supporting the region's communities and wildlife.

Skyrme Lewis

Skyrm Lewis Profile

North Nash Farm Ltd
Llangwm, Pembrokeshire
Farm Type:

140 Hectares of land with the main crop grown being potatoes. Other crops include Wheat and barley with overwintering sheep. The farm started growing potatoes in 1945 and has been in the family ever since. Skyrme is the 3rd generation to farm the land and when he's not farming enjoys a game of rugby.

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