Common problems

Some tried and tested methods for getting rid of snails::

  • Keep collecting them, be sure to¬†dispose of them away from the garden or they will just keep coming back
  • Deny the snails access to the plants - put them on a platform or a grill
  • Find out if they are hiding in the bags or nearby - often upside down
  • Slug pellets work - you can get organic ones that are not harmful to children and animals
  • Make a bail station - put this out at night and and remove during the day - this should get rid of any lingering snails
  • Crushed egg shells or coarse sand - these are painful for molluscs to walk on
  • Again one for the evening - bury a pot level with the soil and fill with beer, the snails will throw themselves in it
  • Put a ring of salt around the bags
  • Place a copper band around the bags

If you have any other methods that work for you - let us know at your stories

If you're plant is going mouldy then it may have a bacterial or fungal infection, an example is shown below.

Mouldy Potato Plant


None of the infections are harmful to human health, but local farmers can get worried about problems spreading to their crops. The risks are very low but we need to ensure that it doesn't happen.

If you think your plant is infected please dispose of it either by putting it securely in a bin bag or by burning it. Thank you for your help and if you have any queries please ring us an we will be happy to advise, telephone 0247 669 2051

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