Beneath the Soil project

Thank you to everyone who has been in contact to say how much you are enjoying the new beneath the soil activity we have included in this years kit.

Had we realised how popular it would be and how much the children are enjoying seeing how the plant grows and develops we would have included it before!

For those of you who haven’t done this exercise it’s still not too late as you will see results very quickly and it’s very simple to do.

You will need:

  • A clear plastic bottle, a litre or bigger in size, with the top cut off (adult supervision required)
  • Soil
  • 1 x ‘chitted’ Rocket seed potato (supplied in kit)


  • Fill the plastic bottle 1/3 full with compost
  • Place the chitted seed potato in the soil with the shoots facing up and cover with at least 5cm of soil. IMPORTANT: Do not soak the compost at this stage as it will rot the tubers. It should be kept just slightly damp. Place on a sunny windowsill and watch it grow.
  • When the tops of the plants are level with the top of the bottle, add more soil to half way up the stems.
  • As the plant starts growing, it sends out potato-bearing side shoots all the way up. These shoots will soon become potatoes.
  • The bottle should be left as long as possible, allowing the children to watch as much of the growing process as possible
  • Do not expect the tuber to last longer than 7 weeks due to the lack of nutrients/compost and space.

Do not eat the potatoes harvested from the Beneath the Soil project.

Why not let us know how you get on and send in your stories or pictures of your Beneath the Soil project?

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