Special Educational Needs

"Tell me, I'll forget.
Show me, I'll remember.
Let me do it, I'll understand"

Welcome to this Grow Your Own Potatoes resource pack for special schools. We think it is important everyone learns how great potatoes are and how to enjoy them as a healthy balanced diet, so we have created these resources to help you teach your students all about potatoes.


This part contains information on how to create great lessons for your students.

Overview 1

This short introduction gives you all the information you need to understand our resources

Overview 2 - Objective Selection to Start

Examples of learning objectives that might be suitable for your students at P levels 1 - 8 science and PSHE

Overview 3 - An Array of Activities

Activities that you can use to support students in achieving their individual learning objectives

Overview 4 - Covering the Curriculum

Examples of how potato work can be used to support other curriculum areas

Overview 5 - Plenty of Plenaries

Activities that extend and challenge students

Overview 6 - Celebrating and Sharing Learning: Assembly Performance

A way for you to tell everyone else about what you've been doing and share your learning with them

Guide 1 - Creating Bespoke Lessons

This guide tells you how to build outstanding lessons using the resources in Part Two, the information here and resources from elsewhere on the GYOP website

Guide 2 - Marking Stem for Science P Levels 1 - 8

Assessing your students' potato work will enable you to pitch your next lesson to their individual needs

Guide 3 - Marking Stem for PSHE Levels 1 - 8

This stem gives examples of what achievements might look like for your students

Guide 4 - Celebrating with Certificates

Guidance on the criteria for awarding Knowing Potatoes and Adventurous Eating certificates


This part contains some key resources and guidance on how to use them with your students.

Growing Potatoes is Fun!

A short PowerPoint presentation to use with your class to help them get to know potatoes

Guide 5 - A Sensory Study

Guidance on using sensory study with your students

Guide 6 - Movement Sequence

Guidance on using movement sequence with your students

Guide 7 - A Texture Carousel

An activity to support students in enjoying eating healthy potato-based foods

Guide 8 - Key Signs

These will allow you to support your communications with your students through sign language. These signs can be used with all students

Resource 1 - Sensory Stimuli: A Sensory Study

This allows you to deliver key information in a sensory way. This can be used with all students

Resource 2 - Movement Sequence

This provides you with a kinaesthetic way of delivering key information to your students. Different levels of movement are suggested in order to include as many students as possible

Resource 3 - Songs

Adapted songs covering key information about growing potatoes and being healthy

Resource 4 - Key Symbols

These will allow you to support your communication with your students by using symbols, which provide visual reinforcement for the words or signs you're using. These symbols can be used with all students

Fact Sheet 1 - Planting my Potatoes

A step-by-step illustrated guide to show your students how to plant their potatoes

Fact Sheet 2 - Growing my Potatoes

A step-by-step illustrated guide to show your students how to care for their growing potato plants

We hope you and your students enjoy using this resource. We'd love to know how you get on; you'll find lots of ways to share what you do with us via our website.

If you would like any further advice on teaching your students about potatoes, please do get in touch. 

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