Make the most of GYOP 2017

Welcome to Grow Your Own Potatoes 2017

This page will help you with everything you need to know to get the most from this years project. As well as a raft of worksheets and lesson plans, we have added some new elements to the project this year, that we hope you and your students will enjoy.

GYOP kit 2017

Each kit will contain:

2 x nets of seed potatoes - 1 Rocket & 1 Regional variety
2 x HADO 36ltr grow bags
2 x variety labels - to help identify the variety growing in the bags
1 x instruction leaflet
1 x A2 wallchart
1 x Potato Journal - teachers version
1 x sheet of stickers 

You can also download extra elements to add to your kit and make this year's project even more interactive and fun for the children.

Time Track Tractor

We hope you enjoy this NEW for 2017 element as it highlights everything you need to make the most of this year’s project. Download and give it to your class a page/week at a time and watch as it builds around the classroom as the project progresses. Over the weeks you will be able to:

- Compare your plants progress with ours
- Download the suggested worksheets and add them to your journals
- Add pictures of the children at every stage.

Part 1 (week 1 - 7)        Part 2  (week 8 - 16)

Colour-in version

We have even developed a version  of the Time Track Tractor that the children can colour in before adding to the wall. This way you get to see their artwork building around the room.

Part 1 (week 1 - 7)                       Part 2  (week 8 - 16)

Potato Journal

Each kit contains a teachers copy, here is where you can download extra copies for the children, we've even left some areas blank for them to colour in.

As you follow the suggested actions on the Time Track Tractor, the children can file their work in their Potato Journal. By the end of the project they will have a fantastic log of everything they have been up to and you should have a class full of potato experts.




Lots of ways to add to this year's project

Take pictures at every stage and add them to your wall chart
Measure and track how high your plant grows
Add a page a week to your Time Track Tractor & watch it grow around the room
Download worksheets & add them to your Potato Journals
Use your Potato Journals as a diary for what you've been up to
Take part in Eat Your Own Potatoes & get your school canteen involved too
Let us know what happened to your potatoes once you harvested
Enter your weights to win prizes for your school
Keep us posted via Facebook & Twitter - we want to see what you've been up to

Most of all have fun growing your potatoes


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