Timings for GYOP 2017

Here is a guide to what you should be doing and when, to ensure you get the best harvest of potatoes you can

Check your wall chart and Time Track Tractor for reminders and top tips

Chitting - starts Tuesday 21 February

Leave for about two weeks

Using the tray provided in the top of your box, place your seed potatoes on the holes, as labelled, with the shoots facing up.
TOP TIP Remove the lid from the box to ensure the tray gets full light and place it in a warm dry place to allow the shoots to harden. This process is called 'chitting' and will help your potato plants to grow fast and healthy.
Remember you have 4 Rocket variety, ONLY three of these are to be planted in the bag provided, the extra one is to be used for the Beneath the soil project

Planting - Tuesday 7 March 

Apply the variety labels from your kit to the outside of the HADO grow bags provided - this way you will be able to identify the variety growing in the bag.

Fill your bags to about halfway with soil or compost and place three of each variety into the pre-labelled bags, with the shoots facing upwards. 

TOP TIP make sure the seed potatoes are evenly spaced to give the potatoes plenty of space to grow. Now cover them with around 8cms of soil. gently pat down and water in lightly. Find a perfect spot and leave to grow.

Growing & looking after your plants

For a decent crop your plants will need around 14 weeks to grow

Keep your plants in a warm but sheltered place and be sure to watch the weather forecast for when a frost is expected. Water them regularly to keep them damp but NOT soggy! Each time leaves appear above the soil, gently add more soil, keep doing this until you are about 40-50mm from the top of the bag. The more soil there is in the bag, the more room there is for the potatoes to grow.
TOP TIP water lightly each time to 'bed in the new compost' 
Consult the plant health worksheet for what to look out for during this time.

Harvesting - Tuesday 13 June  

This is the moment we have all been working towards...EXCITING!!!

Harvesting can be quite chaotic, let as many children as possible have a chance to rummage through the soil and it can be great fun too. Ideas to make life easier:
- Harvesting on to a plastic sheet, makes it easier to remove the compost
- Cut away the tops - makes it easier to tip up the bags and pull the plant out
- The grow bags are good and strong perfect for reusing 
- Have 2 large bowls ready for your harvest - remember to keep the varieties apart
- Get the children not involved to guess how many potatoes will be harvested, see   who gets the closest.

Entering the competition

Winning entries this year varied from  721g  to the dizzy heights of  6965g

...so what ever you harvest its always worth entering the competition, even if you don't think you have very many, you never know what other schools have entered.

Entering the competition couldn't be easier, just follow this link and fill in your weights and you could win fabulous prizes for your school!




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