Competition Winners 2017

Some weights are still to be verified. Prizes still being awarded and photos to follow


National  - St Kew's Community Primary, Cornwall

Well done to St Kew for growing another massive crop 6850g of Rocket!


Image to follow

Scotland East  -  Castletown Primary School, Thurso

Well done to Castletown Primary School for growing 905g of Athlete!

Image to follow

Scotland West  -  Houston Primary School, Johnstone

Well done to Houston Primary School for growing 1474g of Saffiyah!

North West -  Dalton St Michael's C.E. Primary School, Wigan 

Well done to Dalton St Michae'ls C.E. Primary School for growing 2320g of Athlete!

Image to follow


North East (North)  -  Northfield Infant School, Driffield

Well done to Northfield Infant School for growing 1749g of Shepody

Image to follow


North East (South)  -  Lilycroft Primary School, Bradford

Well done to Lilycroft Primary School for growing 2320g of Cassablanca!
Pictured here being presented with their prize by Peter Blaylock from E Parks

Central North  -  Parish Church Primary School, Gainsborough

Well done to Parish Church Primary School for growing 3600g of Luciole!



Central South  -  Slater Primary School, Leicester

Well done to Slater Primary School for growing 3208g of Jester!



Wales  -  Meadowbank Special  School, Cardiff

Well done to Meadowbank Special School for growing 5200g of Gemson!

Image to follow


South East -  Foxhills Infant  School, Southampton

Well done to Foxhills Infant School for growing 3800g of Rudolph!

Image to follow


South West -  Calstock Primary School, Cornwall

Well done to Calstock Primary School for growing 2211g of Jester!

Image to follow

The Sun newspaper & Sutton Seeds sponsor two prizes each year for GYOP - this years winners...

Visit The Sun Gardening online for winners information too

Largest number of tubers

Town Junior School, Birmingham, who grew a massive 175 tubers in one bag from three seed potatoes

Heaviest tuber

Cowes Primary School on the Isle of Wight, who grew a whopping 350g potato


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