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Welcome to GYOP 2018

If you haven't already, you will soon be receiving your Grow Your Own Potatoes growing kit.

The Grow Your Own Potatoes project is currently being assessed as part of the overall education strategy review at AHDB.  In order to make sure that the long term changes we make are beneficial to the project, you will notice that we have had to make some minor changes in your kit this year, but hopefully this won't detract from your classes enjoyment of the project.

The project

Your kit still contains two varieties of seed potatoes (Rocket & Regional) and the grow bags to plant them in. Your box, still converts into a purpose built chitting tray and still has full planting instructions on the side, for convenience but this year the printed resources for the project are downloadable  
- Teachers information sheet - All you need to know in one place
- Potato wall chart- Now interactive and a great way to track progress
- Potato journal - Ideal for lessons or maybe for homework projects
- Time Track Tractor frieze - Watch it build around the classroom

Competitions 2018

This year as well as the usual we have added two new competitions, making it six ways you could win prizes for your school:
- Heaviest weight nationally with your Rocket crop
- Heaviest weight in your region
- Largest individual potato
- Largest number of potatoes harvested from one grow bag
- NEW 2018 A3 poster design
- NEW 2018 Most innovative way of labelling your varieties
                                                                 For full details visit the competitions page

Lessons and resources

In addition to the competition resources, Grow Your Own Potatoes has lots of curriculum linked resources to support a block of cross-curricula/interdisciplinary work based around the theme of potatoes.

There are lesson plans, PowerPoints, worksheets and fact-sheets covering:
- Growing Potatoes
- Knowing Potatoes
- Healthy Eating & Potatoes
- Cooking Potatoes

Inter class competition

If your school was fortunate enough to register for more than one kit, why not:

- Hold a 'Potato Day' and show the whole school what was involved
- Let them watch the harvesting take place and cheer for their favourites
- Weigh them all and find who grew the most to be the 2018 champion  
- Cook up your harvest and let the whole school sample your crop - you could even get the school kitchen involved !!
- Think of some potato related events - how about a potato & spoon race!



Let us know

If you have any suggestions, ideas or improvements you think GYOP would benefit from please send them in, as we are currently planning for 2019.

We would appreciate your feedback about this years project too, and will be circulating a survey following harvesting. Please take 5 minutes to take part as your input is valuable and could help shape things going forward.

Email: GYOP@ahdb.org.uk 




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