Competitions 2018

This year there are six ways to win prizes for your school :) 


Please remember to take pictures of your class harvesting and of your harvested potatoes on the scales, showing the weight, to support your Heaviest weight entries.




Heaviest weight

Once you have harvested, washed and weighed your potatoes, make sure you keep the two varieties separate and using the entry form supplied, send in the following:
- Heaviest weight from one grow bag of your national variety - Rocket
- Heaviest weight from one grow bag of your regional variety - Varies
- Largest individual potato - can be either variety
- Largest number of potatoes harvested from one grow bag

Please be able to supply photographic evidence to support your entries

NEW A3 poster design

We know that a lot of schools put in a lot of effort when it comes to the GYOP project and we would like to reward those schools.

Show us on no more than one A3 size sheet of paper  a collage or montage of pictures and drawings of the process you have been through. Or get your class to sum up on one A3 sheet what GYOP means to them.

Scan and send your entries to One winner will be selected from all entries received before Friday 22 June 2018

NEW  Most innovative way of labelling

Once you have planted your seed potatoes in the HADO grow bags, it is impossible to see which variety is in each bag. In order to enter the competition you need to know which variety you are entering.

We are looking for the most innovative way of labelling your bags and have a prize for the school that has the best. We've come up with some ideas sure you can do better

Send us a picture of your planted bags with the labelling by Friday 23rd March 
Prize to be confirmed

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