Bag Labelling competition

We have had some great fun coming up with a few ideas but I'm sure you can get creative and do much better.

Closing date Friday 23rd March 2018


Lolly pop sticks

Recycle your old lolly sticks, write the variety on  it and stick it in the soil - hassle free and easy.

You could also use wooden clothes pegs. Simply write the variety on the peg and clip it to the top of your grow bag.


Stones & pebbles

Incorporate GYOP into your art class and ask the children to paint the varieties onto large stones or pebbles, you could then hold a class vote to decide which ones to use. The rest would look great scattered around the vegetable garden.

Don't forget to varnish them so they don't fade in the sunshine or when watering.


Recycled cutlery

Write on a wooden spoon or paint onto old metal spoons, both work perfectly well and will look quirky sticking out of your grow bag.


Recycled plastic bottles

Cut out a marker that can be attached to your bag or stuck in the soil. If you use a permanent marker pen it should last for the duration of the growing process.

A white or bright coloured marker pen will stand out perfectly on the side of the black grow bags.



Small pieces of slate or stone make excellent mini chalk boards to write your varieties on. Just be careful when watering that you don't wash the writing off!


Wine bottle cork

Stick a labelled cork onto the end of a bamboo skewer - low cost and simple to do.


How to enter

Here are a few ideas to help you out but we would like you to get creative and show us how you labelled your black bags. 

Create a story board, a short clip or simply show us a photo of your creation in action and send it to us  

Closing date Friday 23rd March 2018

Prizes still to be confirmed

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