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GYOP Kit 2018

As part of the overall education strategy review of AHDB the Grow Your Own Potatoes project is currently being reviewed. In order to make sure that the long term changes we make are beneficial to the project and to ensure that GYOP 2018 takes place with as little disruption as possible we have made some minor changes 

Your kit this year will include:

  • Instruction leaflet 
  • 2 x nets of seed potatoes (national & regional)
  • 2 x HADO grow bags
  • Chitting tray - you will find this built into the lid of your box

Using your chitting tray: Simply pull open the tray and remove the contents. Fold the tray back into place and support it with the small tab at the back of the box. Pop out the seven round disks in your tray and rest your seed potatoes on top making sure the chits are facing up. Remove the outer lid along the perforation.

GYOP 2018 project 

You will notice that there are no printed support materials in your kit this year, these are now downloadable from the website.

Available to download

  • Teacher leaflet 
  • A2 interactive wallchart - a class chart with key dates and tracking tools. This can now be displayed on the class white board 
  • Potato Journal -  an activity booklet for pupils. Activities that can be used at school or for homework.
  • Time Track Tractor frieze - a class frieze for pupils to personalise and build. Pupils can work in pairs and complete a section before adding to the wall and watching it build over the growing period.‚Äč

Downloadable material will be available to download from the first week in February 2018     

All kits for the 2018 project will be dispatched following registrations closing on 27 January 2018.


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