Planting potatoes


Put your Rocket and regional variety seed potatoes in the labelled chitting tray built into your delivery box, ensuring the varieties are kept separate - with the sprouts facing up. Then place on a windowsill for two weeks to allow the sprouts to harden. This is called chitting.


Once chitting is complete take your Hado grow bag and half fill it with compost.


Place the chitted potatoes in the compost with the shoots facing upwards, remembering to keep the varieties separate.


Cover the seed potatoes with 8cm of soil or compost and pat down.


Place your grow bags in the light, however, direct sunlight may burn the leaves.


When the top of the growing plants are level with the top of the grow bag add more soil or compost to half way up the stems. This will speed up the growth of your crop.


The ideal temperature for growing your potatoes is 10 - 15°C. The bags may also need to be kept indoors overnight when a frost is expected.

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