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Teaching resources to support the curriculum

Here is where you will find all the curriculum linked resources to support growing your potatoes, including 12 potato-based lessons.

Special Educational Needs resources

We think that it is important that everyone learns how great potatoes are and how to enjoy them as part of a healthy balanced diet. So, we have had a new set of resources developed for schools with special needs children. They include worksheets, lessons, factsheets and even signs, symbols and songs covering key information about growing, potatoes and being healthy.

We hope you and your students find these resources helpful and enjoyable and would love to hear your feedback. Plus if you would like any further advice on teaching your students about potatoes do get in contact.

Growing and harvesting a healthy crop

We also have guidelines to help you grow and harvest a healthy crop. Study our ‘plant health’ reference chart to maximize your yield and then check the accuracy of your results using our helpful weighing guide.

The twelve potato-based lessons are organised under the following headings:

The lesson notes are designed to provide the basic structure and content for lessons, but will need to be tweaked to meet the needs of individual classes. Under the ‘task’ section there is a suggested task for children aged 5-7 and one for children aged 7-11 years.

Worksheets,PowerPoint presentations, factsheets, recipes and video clips are available to support the lessons. Where resources are available, these will be listed on the lesson notes in bold font.

In addition to the lesson notes and resources, the following documents are available:

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