Knowing potatoes

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Here you will find lesson notes and resources to help children learn about the variety of potatoes available, the dishes and meals that can be made with them and how potatoes change when they are prepared and cooked.

Lesson 4: Learn that there are different types of potatoes and that they can be prepared in different ways

Lesson 5:
Expand and reinforce the children's knowledge of the different varieties of potatoes, as well as the dishes and meals that can be made with them

Lesson 6:
Learn what happens to potatoes when they are cooked

Lesson 7:
Learn about the 'field to fork' journey for a potato

Lesson 8:
Investigate where potatoes are grown in the UK using maps and the internet

Lesson 9:
Learn about wider issue relating to potatoes

Contrasting Journeys

Explore the difference in how potatoes are eaten and cooked in other parts of the world with this interesting and exciting worksheet. Why not try some of our exciting new recipes with your class or at home.

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