Why not try to win the overall GYOP prize of a Junior Octobrunch for your school, by entering the weight of potatoes you grew from the three Rocket seed potatoes?

There is also the opportunity for your school to win one of ten regional prizes of £100 worth of gardening vouchers by entering the weight of your second variety (one per region – East Scotland, West Scotland, Wales, NE North England, NE South England, NW England, Central North England, Central South England SE England & SW England).

Plus, there are more prizes on offer from The Sun’s competition for the single heaviest potato and largest number of potatoes from one bag (any variety).
Closing date: Friday 21 June 2019

Also, this year we have two £100 Sutton's gift vouchers to give to two lucky schools taking part in GYOP.
All you have to do, is:
- Follow and like GYOP on Facebook or Twitter
- Share your favourite pictures of your class harvesting their potatoes (harvesting date 11 June 2019) 
Closing date: Midnight on Friday 14 June 2019
Terms & conditions

There are four ways to win prizes for your school

Please remember to take pictures of your class harvesting and of your harvested potatoes on the scales, showing the weight, to support your heaviest weight entries.

Once you have harvested, washed and weighed your potatoes, make sure you keep the two varieties separate and, using the entry form supplied, send in the following:

1 Heaviest weight from one growbag of your national variety - Rocket

2 Heaviest weight from one growbag of your regional variety - Varies

3 Largest individual potato – can be either variety

4 Largest number of potatoes harvested from one growbag

Winners info

Competition Rules

To take part in the competition, schools must adhere to the rules. Any school found not to have done so will be disqualified.

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Class certificate

Why not celebrate your school's potato-growing achievements by printing off your very own Grow Your Own Potatoes certificate?

All you have to do is print and then fill in your school’s name and weight of crops grown, and display in the classroom.

A brilliant way for the children to remember their success.

Download your 2019 class certificate today