Congratulations on successfully growing and harvesting your potatoes. We hope that you have enjoyed taking part this year and have harvested a winning crop.

This years prizes are:


National prize - for the heaviest weight of CASABLANCA harvested 

Marmax playground furniture


Regional prizes - one prize per region, for heaviest weight of regional variety

Marmax planter plus national gardening voucher


Prizes may change depending on availability

Competition rules









For 2020 ONLY no prizes were awarded for largest individual potato, the largest number of potatoes harvested from one grow bag or heaviest regional varieties.

Remember to collect pictures of your potatoes being harvested and of your harvested potatoes on the scales, showing the weight, to support your heaviest weight entries.

Once your potatoes are harvested, washed and weighed, make sure the two varieties are kept separate and, using the entry form supplied, send in the following:

1 Heaviest weight from one growbag of your national variety - Rocket

2 Heaviest weight from one growbag of your regional variety - Varies


This has been a very unusual year, these revised plans are for 2020 only and we hope to be back running the competition as normal again in 2021.

Winners info

Competition Rules

To take part in the competition, schools must adhere to the rules. Any school found not to have done so will be disqualified.

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Why not celebrate your school's potato-growing achievements by printing off your very own Grow Your Own Potatoes Certificate?

All you have to do is print and then fill in your school’s name and weight of crops grown, and display in the classroom.

A brilliant way for the children to remember their success.

Download your 2020 class certificate

For 2020 ONLY still chance to acknowledge individual or team achievements by printing off and presenting the Applause Award.

A great way to say thank you for extra effort during these strange times.

Download your 2020 Applause Award