Competition Rules

To take part in the competition, schools must adhere to the rules.
Any school found not to have done so will be disqualified.


ONLY schools teaching to the KS1 & KS2 or 1st & 2nd level in Scotland curriculum (this includes SEN schools) in England, Scotland and Wales are eligible to take part.


The seed potatoes provided in your GYOP growing kit MUST be used.

Please note – there are four national seed potatoes supplied in your kit. ONLY three are to be planted in the HADO bags supplied for the competition, and one to be used in the Beneath the soil project.


The seed potatoes supplied MUST be grown in the black HADO grow bags provided – all three National seed potatoes in one bag and all three Regional seed potatoes in the other.

IMPORTANT Please make sure you label each bag clearly when planting, to identify the variety grown.


Soil or compost can be used as the growth medium: there are no restrictions on adding extra nutrients to the soil.


Schools must accurately weigh their crops separately to the nearest gramme. The weight must be submitted in grammes, e.g. 1,736g. The crop must be washed and dried, ensuring all soil/compost is removed.

The challenge begins on Tuesday 2 March 2021; schools must not start growing their potatoes before this date. Growbags must be harvested no later than Tuesday 15 June 2021.

Chitting your seed potatoes starts from Tuesday 16 February 2021 for two weeks.


Schools must submit their weight of potatoes per variety by Friday 25 June 2021 to AHDB, using the competition entry form. Only entries sent in via the website competition entry form will be accepted.

IMPORTANT Please note that you will be required to supply photographic evidence of your entered weights.


The winners will be the school that grows the heaviest crop of potatoes in accordance with the rules. Mixed entries (Rocket and Regional varieties) will not qualify.

All weights will be verified and winners appointed once weights are confirmed.


Prizes will be allocated for the following:

One national prize – for the heaviest weight of National variety using the three seed potatoes supplies.

Regionally – East Scotland, West Scotland, North North East, South North East, North West, Wales, Central North, Central South, South East and South West – one prize per region for the heaviest weight of regional variety from the three seed potatoes supplied.

NOTE Only one prize will be awarded per school.


Winners will be notified either in writing or by phone within 28 days after the closing date of Friday 25 June 2021


Winning entrants agree to take part in AHDB Potatoes publicity. Winners' details will be posted on the Grow Your Own Potatoes website within one month of the competition closing.


AHDB's decision will be final.

It also reserves the right to disqualify any affiliate or nominee whose conduct is contrary to the rules or the intention of the competition and it will declare as void any or all claims based on such conduct. AHDB has the right to add or to waive any rules on reasonable notice; or to cancel the competition at any stage in the event of circumstances beyond AHDB's reasonable control. Should photographic evidence be required, AHDB reserves the right to challenge all entries of the competition. No correspondence will be entered into.