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Grow Your Own Potatoes has started for 2024

Grow Your Own Potatoes | Potato House
Time to Plant

Welcome to GYOP 2024

March 2024

We're thrilled to kick off another exciting season of Grow Your Own Potatoes. As we embark on this journey together, we hope for perfect weather over the next 15 weeks, ensuring optimal conditions for our potato plants to thrive. We extend a warm welcome to schools in Northern Ireland for the first time in a pilot scheme which we hope will be extended for 2025.  

Throughout the season we will be in touch with reminders, tips, and helpful hints to support you along the way. But for now, here's to a season filled with fun, learning, and fantastic yields come harvesting.

Your participation in this exciting project is greatly appreciated and your feedback will be instrumental in shaping GYOP in future years.

Good luck everyone!


There is still time to purchase your kit and join in with all the experiments for 2024.  You will be a few weeks behind, but you will still have time to harvest by the summer holidays (or later if you are not bound by school holidays) 

GYOP Growing kit 2024

In your kit this year you will find:
🥔7 seed potatoes:
4 Casablanca (1 for the beneath the soil project) and 3 Shannon varieties.
🥔Helpful Instruction leaflet:
With all the information you will need to successfully plant and look after your potatoes.

It even opens out to a poster showcasing potatoes throughout history and the role potatoes played in feeding the nation during WWII.

You will need: container, soil, and optional gardening gloves for the children.

Grow Your Own Potatoes 2024 | Potato House

Chitting & Planting

 Due to half term and the high volume of kit orders this year, your kit may have arrived later than expected.
However, there is no need to worry as your seed potatoes will have been chitting while awaiting dispatch. Please stick to the recommended timings and plant your potatoes as planned on Tuesday, March 5th. This will ensure they have the necessary growing time before harvesting on Tuesday, June 11th.
Planting instructions can be found on the back of your leaflet or on the GYOP website.

Inside the classroom

Grow Your Own Potatoes 2024 | Potato House
Inside your leaflet, you will discover a helpful calendar featuring month-by-month reminders for each stage of the project, aiding you in monitoring your potato's growth.
Additionally, you will find health tips and a series of questions to answer as you embark on your potato-growing journey and evolve into potato experts.
Extra calendars can be downloaded from the GYOP website

Visit our NEW online shop

New for 2024, we're excited to introduce a convenient addition to the GYOP website: our online shop! Here, you can purchase extra seed potatoes or even bags to grow them in. What's more, 20% of all sales will be reinvested into funding the GYOP project.
Visit the shop for more information and to explore our offerings.

2024 Sponsors

And finally...we extend our heartfelt thanks to all our sponsors for 2024, whose support has enabled us to achieve two significant milestones this year:
🥔Reaching our target, and distributing 8,000 free potato growing kits nationwide, benefiting almost 240,000 pupils and igniting their potato-growing journey.
🥔Launching a GYOP pilot project in Northern Ireland in 2024, with plans for further expansion in 2025. We extend our heartfelt thanks for McCreight's Potatoes and New World Products for their invaluable support in making the NI pilot project possible. With their generous sponsorship and the seamless collaboration and logistics of McCreight's Potatoes in NI we have been able to bring this initiative to fruition. Without their involvement this pilot would not have been possible.
To all our sponsors, both longstanding and newly joined, your generous support nurtures children's bond with nature and fuels our passion. We extend heartfelt appreciation for your steadfast commitment to our shared vision.

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