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Delivery will be just after the GYOP kits

GYOP Shop - Extra GYOP kits and Patio Bags

If you are not eligible or are too late for a kit, or if you would like to buy more kits for your class, we have them for sale. (please note that due to Brexit these are unavailable if you live in NI)

We also have Grow Bags and Hessian Sacks for your project.

We will dispatch these items at the same time as your GYOP kits but they will not arrive in the same parcel as they will be dispatched from different places

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Other Patio Sets

Potato House specialises in seed potatoes and grows many coloured and heritage varieties.Β  There is a selection of patio packs to purchase from this GYOP site.Β  These are great to try out several different varieties.

These make great presents.Β  Think Mother's Day or Easter!Β 

You could have several mini competitions in your class - your primary school ChampionChips!Β  Perhaps families and staff can get involved and grow some potatoes at home during the same period as the GYOP project.

These patio packs have been carefully chosen to give a great range.Β  The grow bags are optional extras.Β  The timings can be followed for the GYOP project, or can be delayed slightly, meaning a later harvest.

These will be dispatched at the same time as the GYOP kits.

Please note that if you enter our competition ONLY the varieties from ONE GYOP kit can be used for yield and weights.Β  You cannot substitute varieties from another patio pack.

Other seed Potatoes

Please look on the Potato House site for over 80 varieties of seed potatoes. If you order from Potato House, you can pick your dispatch date for a week to suit you in the spring. Β  Nets come in 6 tuber and 1kg and there is lots of advice for beginners (external links).