How to chit your potatoes

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Key dates

Start chitting your potatoes on Tuesday 18 February 2020


Two weeks

3 Easy steps

Your GYOP kit box, has a specially designed built-in chitting tray.

Step 1

Carefully remove the lid of your kit box along the perforations, to reveal the chitting tray.

This will prevent the lid blocking out the sunlight.

Step 2

Place your seed potatoes on the holes as indicated (4 x Rocket and 3 x Regional variety), making sure you keep the two varieties separate.

Step 3

Place the chitting tray in a warm place with lots of light; a classroom windowsill is perfect for this, and watch the chits appear.

After two weeks in the light, your seed potatoes will be ready to plant.


Farmer James showing you how to chit your seed potatoes ready for planting

Top tips

Handle your seed potatoes very carefully to make sure you don’t knock off any of the chits when it comes to planting time.