How to harvest your potatoes

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Key dates

GYOP harvesting day nationwide Tuesday 15 June 2021


Fifteen weeks

Potato farmers harvest their potatoes 2.5–4 months after planting, depending on whether they are earlies or maincrop potatoes. They are harvested through modern potato harvesting machines that are attached to tractors. The machines harvest by lifting the potatoes from the bed using a share. Soil, dirt, rocks and potatoes are transferred onto a series of webs where the potatoes are finally separated from the foreign materials.

Just 15 weeks after planting your potatoes, they will be ready for harvesting, if you have cared for them properly.

3 Easy steps

Illustration of a potato plant's leaves and root system.

Step 1

Gently cut away and remove the green tops from your growbag.


Step 2

Grab the remaining stems and pull the plant from the grow bag.


Step 3

Carefully rummage through the soil and roots to find your potatoes, watch out for the mother tuber!!

Top tips

Here are some ideas to make your harvesting easy:

- Harvest onto a plastic sheet so the soil can be removed easily
- As you tip out your growbags, keep hold of the potato stem(s); this will keep most of the potatoes together
- Have a bowl ready for your potatoes and get the children to guess and count how many potatoes there will be
- Your potato growbags can be reused why not plant….. or save for next year and plant even more delicious potatoes

Weighing your potatoes

Don’t forget to enter your weights into the GYOP competition before the closing date (Friday 26 June 2020) to do this you must weigh your potatoes in grams.

Your scales may have a digital display or a dial display. You need to know how to read them correctly and you may need to convert from kilograms (kg) to grams (g).

Remember to go from kg to g, just move the decimal point three places to the right, like this 1.0kg = 1000g, 0.1kg = 100g, 0.01kg = 10g

Weighing worksheet