How to plant your potatoes

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Key dates

Plant your potatoes on Tuesday 2 March 2021

Circumstances this year, have resulted in some kits arriving in schools later than hoped. Fortunately, a warmer summer with regular rain resulted in stronger and larger tuber development. This means that your seed potatoes can be planted as soon as you receive them, without chitting. Planting your potatoes as close to the 2nd March as possible will give them longer to grow before harvesting in June.


Fifteen weeks until harvesting

The farmer plants his potatoes in the field in April, when the soil is loose and warm. The destoner will have already prepared the soil in the field, making sure it removes any stones so the potatoes have more room to grow and the harvester doesn’t collect them up instead of potatoes at harvesting.

If you are using soil from the school garden, don't forget to remove any stones or twigs, but for better results, we suggest you use compost.

To give you time to grow your potatoes before breaking up for summer, we plant our seed potatoes slightly earlier than the farmer. Follow our three easy steps for planting in the growbags provided in your kit.

You should by now have good sturdy chits on your seed potatoes if you have been chitting them. Handle your seed with care, making sure you don’t knock off any of the chits.

Also, don’t forget, to label your bags with the name of the variety planted, this will help you identify the variety growing in the bag at harvesting.  

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You will need
Optional items
1 x 36L growbag (supplied in your GYOP kit) Plastic gloves
3 x seed potatoes (supplied in your GYOP kit) Watering can
Compost or soil  

3 Easy steps

Step 1

Half fill your growbag with compost/soil

Step 2

Evenly space three seed potatoes (make sure they are all the same variety) in the soil with the chits facing upwards.

Step 3

Carefully cover the seed potatoes with compost/soil and gently pat down. Lightly water the soil and place the bag somewhere accessible to sunlight.

Make sure you wash your hands thoroughly after handling potatoes.

Now repeat the process with your second variety.

Farmer James talks you through planting your chitted seed potatoes 

Top tips

As your plant starts to grow and shoots appear, top up your soil. Keep doing this until you reach the top of the bag. Also, make sure you place your bags somewhere warm but not in bright sunshine, and keep the soil damp but not wet.