We can supply the Grow Your Own Potatoes packs free to primary schools in England, Scotland and Wales only

Please consider buying a pack if your group is not eligible

You will still be able to access the information and help children learn about growing.

Brownies? Youth Group? Secondary School? Nursery? Adult Learning?

(Picture for illustrative purposes. Your pack will contain 7 Seed Potatoes. Gloves, utensils and grow bags not included. Grow bags are optional extras)

We are so sorry that we cannot provide Grow Your Own Potatoes kits to every group across the UK.Β  We would love for everyone to be learning about the benefits of growing their own vegetables.Β 

The Grow Your Own Potatoes project is funded by potato growers within the industry and unfortunately funds are not unlimited.Β  Some of these companies across the UK potato industry are small family owned companies.Β 

In order to make the process fair to everyone, we have a clearly defined audience for our project - primary schools in England, Scotland and Wales only.Β  We are always looking at extending our sponsorship and if more money is raised we will be able to send free packs to more groups.

However we do have these packs for sale.Β  Please consider buying a pack.Β  At only Β£7.90 including delivery, it is tremendous value and you will be able to get optional grow bags.Β  These will be sent out at the same time as the other packs and you will be able to access the same information as everyone else.Β  If you purchase the pack, please join our mailing list to get all the information and advice that will be sent to the schools (if you are eligible for a free kit, you will automatically be on the mailing list).