Now you can enjoy your hard work

We have a selection of easy potato recipes for you

The pupils will enjoy eating the potatoes as much as growing them.

What will you cook with the pupils?

These recipes can be made with the potatoes grown or as a class exercise with bought potatoes in the run-up to harvest.

We appreciate that not every class will have access to cooking facilities.Β  We hope that the dinner staff can be persuaded to help at this stage, or a teacher could cook the potatoes at home and bring in the following day with the ingredients for a tasty salad.Β  Here are a few ideas for you!Β 

Lots of delicious Potato recipes

There are a huge number of potato recipes on this site.Β  It is quite simply dedicated to people who Love Potatoes!Β  (external link) There are quite a few recipes that are child-friendly or perhaps the adults will find ideas to inspire them as well.Β 

We'd love to see the pupils' kitchen creations!Β  Please tag us on all your social media stories and pictures and maybe get some inspiration from other schools who have shared too.Β 

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