Here is where you will find all of the resources you need to support the GYOP project.

GYOP has also teamed up with Food - A Fact Of Life, where you can download lots of curriculum linked resources about potatoes and other foods.

NEW for 2021:
We will soon be launching a complete six week potato block of work with access to everything you need to  support the GYOP project between planting and harvesting. 

The block of work will be adaptable to fit any age group and fits perfectly into the curriculum for; England under D&T: Cooking and nutrition, Wales under Technologies and for Scotland under Health & Wellbeing. With separate weekly plans ready to download for each.- Full details to follow

Lesson Content

Lesson 1: The history of the potato

Download the worksheet

Lesson 2: Knowing potatoes

Download the PPT

Lesson 3: Growing potatoes

Download the PPT

This short video shows how the potato farmer harvests his potatoes and gets them ready for the supermarket, with 10 questions for children to answer once they have watched it.

Farm to fork video

Farm to fork quiz