Block of work

This six-week block of work based around the theme of potatoes, with cross-curricular links to different subject areas, was launched last year but will still work perfectly with this years project. 

Due to a lack of funding for this year's project we are unable to produce any new resources.  The Block of work was designed to be used in conjunction with the Grow Your Own Potatoes project, between planting and harvesting, fitting perfectly into Term 4, please ignore the dates on the resources and make full use of them again this year. Children can study their potato plants as they grow and learn how to prepare a potato salad that can be replicated when their own potatoes are ready. 

The Potato project planner is designed in a way that can be adapted to fit any year group. It provides teaching ideas based around the theme of potatoes, that support the food and cooking curriculum. There are also additional lesson ideas for other curriculum areas such as: English, maths, science, art & design and geography.

Watch this short video introduction to help you get the most from the block of work

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Learning objectives

Children will be able to:

  • name a selection of different potato varieties and say where they are grown;
  • describe different potato-based dishes, including how some of these taste;
  • explain why different varieties of potato are better for certain dishes;
  • make a simple potato salad using the bridge hold, snipping and mixing skills;
  • identify where food from different dishes and meals, including potato salad, belongs on the Eatwell Guide and how it contributes to healthy eating;
  • design, make and evaluate their own potato salad as a test for the final one they will make with their harvested crop (Harvested 15 June 2021)

Potato project planner

The Potato project planner provides an overview of a six week block of work suitable for all UK schools.

The planner has been left as open as possible to allow for interpretation for any age group
e.g. 'create a chart' - type is not specified here so it could be a pictograph for younger pupils, a bar chart for slightly older and a line graph for the oldest pupils.

Adapted to fit with the curriculum for England, Scotland & Wales

To help you deliver the block of work we have developed a series of Lesson ideas sheets that detail the various curriculum activities for each of the six weeks.

There are three version of the lesson ideas sheets to fit with the three different curricula for England, Scotland and Wales.

Observation sheet

This is where you record your growing plants progress.

It is important that you start observing and recording your growing plants at the beginning of the project, using the potato plant observation sheet, the children will then have the data needed to complete the graph work at the end of the project.