Registrations are open for 2024 for Primary Schools in England, Scotland and Wales only. Registrations close 26th January 2024.

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Please note that we can only accept registrations from primary school teachers in England, Scotland or Wales. If you are having problems registering, we will need to check your school details.

Please only proceed if you are a PRIMARY SCHOOL TEACHER. We cannot accept entries from nursery teachers, secondary teachers, home educators, youth groups, adult learning, individuals or any other group.

Many schools do not follow the usual school email formats. That's not a problem, you can still register.

If your official work email from your primary school is not recognised it will be due to it being in an unusual format. Our list is not complete and we need some more details from you before we can progress with your application. We need as much detail as possible and will then be able to add your school to our safe list for this and future years.

Some gardening clubs at schools are run by volunteers

We would prefer that the application comes from an official school email account. We will need as much information as you can provide in the box below, with details of the teacher in charge of volunteers.

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By pressing submit you agree to these conditions. Please do NOT press submit unless you are eligible for a free kit, as this creates extra unnecessary work. Kits are available to purchase.

Kits and Grow bags are available if you are not eligible for a free kit

If you are not eligible for a kit, or were too late to receive a free potato growing kit for 2024, a Children’s patio kit, has been developed which replicates the growing kits going into schools this year. These are being offered for sale on this site, with 20% of sales for these kits going towards funding the GYOP project.

These kits are also ideal for children / grandchildren, or if you would like to donate a kit to a local youth group.

We also have other patio sets and grow bags for you on this site.Β